PLAn a Visit

Sunday's at 10:00AM

Pensar Academy

6135 N. Black Canyon Hwy

( I-17 & Bethany Home )

meet our pastor

Hey there! 

Pastor Bryson here, I wanted to personally say "Thanks" for checking out the website, it means the world to us and it is a privilege to serve you. 

I am a recovering addict of God's Grace.

God has loved me unconditionally and relentlessly, in spite of my past and I am convinced with all of my heart, that he wants to do the same for you.

Even when I thought I was too far gone, God didn't give up on me. 

Because God gave me a second chance, our family has devoted our lives to letting others know that God hasn't given up on them. 

This is why we started Relentless Church and have the desire to start more as God allows.   

Look... We don't have all of our stuff together (#noonedoes) and we don’t expect you too either. 

Our desire is simple, to be a safe place where it is ok to not be ok, to come as you are, and to explore faith and experience Jesus in a real way. 

If this resonates with you at all or encourages you, I want to personally invite you to be our honored guest on a Sunday. I believe it will be just what you're looking for and the most encouraging hour of your week.

I look forward to meeting you soon and I know that you’ll be glad you came.

Hope to see you this Sunday.

Till then may God bless you and keep you.


Pastor Bryson