About us

Not only do we want to get to know you, we want you to get to know us. We are a church that seeks to make Jesus known where we are and around the world. More than just a church, we are a family. 

Our desire is to pour into our family of church members, so that those members can pour into our community and spread the love of Christ to all, making Jesus known in our backyard and beyond. Our mission is to see lives changed, leaders trained, and missionaries sent.

Bryson Isom

Lead Pastor of Vision and Church Planting. Hey everyone, this is Bryson Isom. He is the pastor and planter of Relentless Church-PHX. He is originally from Bridgeport Texas, where he married his wife Marlee Isom. They moved here to Phoenix six years ago and are now parents of three amazing kids. 

matt jones

Director of First Impressions. Matt Jones is the Director of First Impressions at Relentless Church-PHX, where he oversees our welcome team, facilities team, and hospitality.

Vannessa carling

Director of Connections. Vannessa is the Director of Connections at Relentless, where she oversees community groups, next steps, and helping people find  community within our church.

Bishop Shepard

Director of Kids and Leader Development. Bishop is the Director of Kids as well as Leader Development, where he oversees the childrens ministry as well as development of the leaders within Relentless Church-PHX.

garrett Pena

Director of Communications and Missions. Garrett is the Director of Communications and Missions, where he oversees social media, photography and videography, graphics design, and hosting, along with short-term missions.  

carter ruch

Director of Worship: Carter is the Director of Worship here at Relentless Phoenix, where he oversees all our worship teams and leads on Sundays.

Maeson Gardiner

Administrative Assistant to the Pastor: Maeson is the Administrative Assistant to Pastor Bryson and aids in the administrative duties of the pastor, as well as with the staff.